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The construction of 6,000 km of roads, for which the state got ` 3,200 crore under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, is just one instance of the Centre's openhandedness.
This early Puritan ideal of unstinting openhandedness contrasts markedly with the present mania for fiscal and ethical retrenchment.
Against those who attempt to force "a tight and awkward carapace of definition over humankind, and to try to trim the living creature to fit the dead shell," Robinson envisions an ethic of "radical openhandedness," unabashedly grounded in a Christian worldview, based on a "haunting solicitude for the vulnerable" among us--a notion of social justice and liberality based on our obligations to one another, what she calls "humane imagination for the integrity and mystery of other lives.
Gamcel and Gamtel, operating under the brand names of Yaay Borom and Creating a brighter future for Telecommunications respectively, have extended their openhandedness to the Gambia for Goal, that totals up to D10 million for a period of four years.