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However, what the document actually says is "to teach children to move beyond mere tolerance and to accept openheartedly people of all races.
We, as a society-- and this I would urge on all societies more generally--should, insofar as is possible, lighten the burdens and smooth the paths for parents in order that the complex joys of family life might rise to the surface and in order that the undeniable burdens of family responsibility might be more openheartedly borne.
KARACHI -- Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani Wednesday said PPP has openheartedly allowed PTI to hold its Nov 21 rally in Larkana.
However, he urged the departments to ensure their interest in removing the people's grievances openheartedly otherwise they would be in the forefront in the public protest in this regard.
16:30 Tayeba Hussain: While we know we are not wasting anything by being what we were meant to be - mothers - the world just stereotypes us and does not accept us openheartedly when we return to professional work.