opening of negotiations

See: overture
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It remained a condition yet he pointed out that the opening of negotiations would led to faster progress in the areas identified in the report.
Stressed the expectation that they will open the 23rd and 24 Chapter accelerate the opening of negotiations in other areas that will have a positive impact on the dynamics of the EU accession process.
The opening of negotiations on a free trade deal and the penning of the visa exemption agreement had opened new doors for cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey," Yanukovych told a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Turkish capital, Ankara.
Their existing agreement becomes amendable on 31 December 2011 but its terms provide for an early opening of negotiations.
We have made steady progress since the formal opening of negotiations on June 24 and firmly believe the foundation of trust we have built with the UAW will allow us to craft an agreement that will secure Ford's competitive position in the United States.
The tribes delivered the attached letter to Governor Davis requesting the opening of negotiations.
Although France has vetoed opening of negotiations on five chapters directly related with full membership, it approved opening of negotiations on two chapters during its EU presidency.