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In the case of the nature of the desired relationship with their own manager, it is somewhat instructive to combine the bankers' "My manager" oriented frequencies for Openmindedness (.
That renewed sense of purpose seems to have come at the right time, as the off-kilter beats and lyrical velocity always present in grime began to coincide with a growing sonic openmindedness in American hip-hop.
Immigration attorney John Wilson of GoffWilson believes that kind of openmindedness is critical not only in creating an inclusive workplace, but in keeping New Hampshire's economy growing.
NNA - Head of the Economic Committees, Adnan Kassar, on Monday presented Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rahi with a book on Pope Jean Paul II, explaining that the book treats religious, political and social issues and primarily sheds light on the essence of monotheistic religions that urges tolerance, peace and openmindedness.
And Sweden's legendary openmindedness about sex doesn't extend to the gay community.
Sociologist Marcello Truzzi (1987), a keen analyst of skepticism, elaborated on the intellectual narrowness demonstrated by the critics of parapsychology: "Scientists are not the paragons of rationality, objectivity, openmindedness and humility that many of them might like others to believe" (p.
I was impressed with his openmindedness and his interest in nutritional medicine," Dr.
It may certainly be that precisely for this lack of internal, essential closing in the lives of so many of his fictional characters, the Decameron responds more appropriately to our modern tastes for elusiveness, decenteredness, and openmindedness, thus further rewriting and parodying the prevailing view of the Middle Ages.
Book yourself a flight to the unexpected openmindedness of the Turkish capital of Istanbul or the cultural versatility of the Czech Republic, to the tireless energy of Belgrade and the elitist snobbery of Moscow; step outside the lines for a taste of life in the after hours.
More than 65 per cent of businesses in the Middle East use websites such as Twitter to win new businesses by answering customers and audiences' questions with openmindedness without being defensive," Tabaza concluded.