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Factors Influencing Demand for Operating Tables (Rating on a
3% to $47 million while operating revenues lifted 8% to $825 million and operating expenses grew 9.
Conducted by IREM[R] since 1978, this annual study analyzes the previous year's operating income and cost figures for more than 1,400 community associations nationwide.
INTEGRITY PC has enabled Boeing to take advantage of existing Linux-based software, freeing it from having to port Linux code to a secure operating system and enabling easy future updates to the Linux-based code.
The result of our hypothetical case was to choose the Operating Room Turnover Process (ORT) for redesign.
United and its subsidiaries, an affiliated group filing a consolidated return, had a net operating loss for each of the tax years in question.
A baghouse, or dry, system is capable of extremely low emission rates and lower operating costs, but if experience isn't an integral part of the system design, you can have many costly problems, including failed bags, poor dust handling, bridging of dust in the hoppers and excessive corrosion.
Microsoft, arguably the world's most powerful and profitable software company, in recent years has leveraged its control of personal computer operating systems to enter a growing array of new businesses as varied as telecommunications, cable television, entertainment and travel.
These faster and more powerful new chips are performing on an old operating system that does not make full use of the chip's capacity.
Not long ago, operating asset insurance was a simple matter.
Poolia Sweden continued its favourable trend during the fourth quarter, reporting a revenue increase of 36% and an operating margin of 12.
The subject of how operating expenses are handled in a lease is often extremely complicated.