operating company

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Once a transaction has been executed, treasury emails the settlement details to the operating company.
The primary responsibility of our operating company directors is to represent the interests of the stockholders of Acordia.
Our operating company presidents have signed on for this five-year plan.
The ratings incorporate the structural subordination of the bank facility to operating company debt.
By contrast, when a shell company is used as a vehicle to go public, the operating company purchases the shell and merges with the shell.
If the tolerance is exceeded at an individual operating company or in aggregate, A.
New and existing operating company creditors are being provided additional protections in the form a covenant package that includes limitations on additional indebtedness, a negative pledge on assets and a six-month debt service reserve account.
Says John Matze: "Siafu's sophisticated but easily managed iSCSI storage finally delivers what mid-sized businesses like J-W Operating Company have been waiting for: IP storage with high-end features delivered at IP prices.
Debt service of holding company debt will rely on residual operating cash flow from the operating company in the form of dividends.
The ratings reflect the continuing improvement of the credit-protection measures of the underlying operating company (Tiete, a publicly traded, Brazilian, hydroelectric generation company) and the upgrade in December 2005 of Eletropaulo Metropolitana Eletricidade de Sao Paulo S.
Nasdaq: MSGI) today announced that it has received contracts for security products and services with two foreign governments, to be executed by MSGI operating company Innalogic, LLC.
Our primary concern is with the crew and their families," said Jonathan Whitworth, President of Maritrans Operating Company L.