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6 - Revision knee prosthesis - general operating theater.
7 - Endoproteza half-Cement shoulder joint, total shoulder joint - general operating theater.
9 - proxymalnej Resection prosthesis and distal humerus - the general operating theater.
4 - Implants for arthroscopy of the knee and biology to delayed union / necrosis sterile - general operating theater
4 - Set for the separation of autologous growth factors - general operating theater
5 - radial head prosthesis - general operating theater
Total quantity or scope: Part 1 - Surgical / operational and treatment / for operating theaters and surgeries (General surgery - 1 set.
Part 2 - Surgical / operational and treatment / for operating theaters and treatment rooms (gynecology and obstetrics - 1 set.
The subject of procurement is delivery of a new multifunctional system operating theaters for endoscopic diagnosis and operating.
Total quantity or scope: Ceiling mounted medical lighting systems with LED technology for operating theaters, procedure and examination rooms.
Lot 1 surgical lighting systems for 4 OP~s, and 2 operating theaters
The contract is for the purchase and implementation of ucyfrawiajacego 5 operating theaters at the provincial specialist hospital no.

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