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Scharfman was a senior member of a team that oversaw all of Morgan Stanley's hedge fund operational due diligence efforts and which allocated in excess of $13 billion to a firm-wide platform of over 300 hedge fund managers, across multiple investment strategies.
Four pages in all, our RDC submission included a brief description of the operational requirement and urgency of the threat; the range of available AIS products; quantities required; identification of funding; deployment date; logistics and maintenance support requirements; plans for testing; and manpower, personnel, and training requirements for fielding.
Additionally, mobile command posts enabled by satellite communications were critical, given the operational tempo and extended distances.
O'Driscoll's article, but many of the operational and systems initiatives that have been part of LDS hospital's vision for maximizing productivity and facilitating positive employee work environments in which teamwork allows for employees to work smarter, not harder, to give of their best to patient care.
Tape-based backup solutions store a point-in-time copy of operational data on inexpensive media that can be moved to a remote location and safely stored.
The three proposed options for calculating operational risk are the basic indicator approach, the standardized approach, and the advanced measurement approaches (AMA).
PSM-related services provided by Sterling include process analysis and improvement, methods and procedures development, business rules development, organizational modeling and operational subject matter expertise.
Olinger will be responsible for the operational testing of aircraft and aircraft systems at Edwards as well as six other locations.
Operational impacts are driven by soft numbers, there are numerous variables and arguing for more administrative resources invariably leads to "what if" scenarios.
This delay did not meet the high tempo operational needs of Desert Storm.
The unity gain buffer is implemented with an operational amplifier (OA).
Nevertheless, operational excellence remains a far greater imperative than most companies and executives acknowledge.

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