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When recommending the concept of operator inspections, a wall of objections and obstacles arises.
Microsoft and Infowave will cooperate on joint marketing and sales initiatives into the mobile operator community.
The first, and perhaps most important, point is that mobile operators who do not embrace public wireless LANs are in danger of extinction when wireless WANs (high-speed wireless or 3G) become prevalent.
Finally, all tanks and pipings must be installed in accordance with a nationally recognized association or an independent testing laboratory, and the owner or operator must demonstrate compliance with the installation requirements.
Thus, there is no confusion, no chance of an operator shooting himself in the foot.
Stephen Norwood's excellent study both tells the story of the rise and fall of the Telephone Operators' Department (a unit of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) and analyzes the factors which allowed telephone operators, especially in New England, not only to organize a successful union, but to maintain the autonomy of that union from male domination.
Operator training by maintenance craftsmen, however, is essential.
A new wave of integrated handheld devices will soon become the cornerstone of the Network Operator's wireless data strategy," said Ron Jasper, VP of Network Operator Solutions at Infowave.
Since each of the two bin levels are independently controlled, while the operator is drawing material from one bin level, the carousel can be positioning the bins on a separate level for the next draw.