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Hemodynamic role of ophthalmic artery collateral in internal carotid artery occlusion.
The optic nerve 36 hours after mycotic thrombosis of a branch of the ophthalmic artery.
This research chose to study the ophthalmic artery and not the retinal central artery or the ciliary arteries for technical reasons.
A combined epidural -subdural direct approach to carotid ophthalmic artery aneurysms.
In fact, the last intra-arterial chemotherapy treatment for retinoblastoma, which involves catheterizing the ophthalmic artery via a transfemoral approach, was performed with a fluoroscopy time of 2.
That is statistically significant clinical evidence on high accuracy and precision of noninvasive ICP measurement which is based on application of ophthalmic artery as an intracranial pressure sensor.
Upon removal, there was brisk bleeding from the ophthalmic artery.
With the transorbital window, the Doppler is placed directly over the eye, allowing the ophthalmic artery (OA) and carotid siphon (which consists of three segments, the supraclinoid, genu and parasellar) to be insonated.
High-risk areas include the glabella, nasal dorsum, and anteromedial cheek/tear trough due to retrograde flow of a filler embolus to the ophthalmic artery from anastomoses with the angular, dorsal nasal, and supratrochlear arteries.
Selective ophthalmic artery infusion was first described by Japanese investigators Yamane et al.
Patients with ophthalmic artery occlusion present with absent light perception.
39) These include: distal external carotid artery ethmoidal perforators to the ophthalmic artery, superficial temporal artery to the middle cerebral artery, middle meningeal artery to the ophthalmic artery, and occipital artery to the vertebral artery (Figure 7).