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Kies, now with the accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers, opined that there is "no evidence" to support the need for a legislative fix.
Mumeen Olawale Ibn Imran opined that 'Governor Fayose took the right step and made a very reasonable decision.
New Delhi [India], August 31 ( ANI ): Chief Statistician of India TCA Anant opined that it cannot be attributed to demonetisation, but rather to normalization of the Wholesale Price Index (WPI).
He opined that whatever is happening at international scene, has an impact on the neighbouring countries and for its resolution process of negotiations is necessary.
Xiaohui opined that the central bank could use interest rates more as a core monetary policy tool.
Stephen Harper evoked slack-jawed wonderment in Canada's press just prior to this January's election when he opined that our Supreme Court was well stacked with overbearing lefties out to redraw the traditional lines of jurisprudence.
Moore's church in Gadsden is a fine place for the monument," the paper opined.
Ken Colburn, executive director of the Northeast States lot Coordinated Air Use Measurement, has opined that state action "cannot be a substitute for collective national action.
Freedman also opined that the single greatest risk confronting the real estate industry is the interest rate environment.
Based upon and subject to the matters set out in the valuation and fairness opinion and such other factors that CIBC World Markets considered relevant, CIBC World Markets has opined to the Independent Committee that, as of March 3, 2005, the fair market value of Budd Canada's common shares is in the range of Cdn.
17 (ANI):Impoverished minority Hindus living in Pakistan's south-eastern Sindh province claim that they are in constant danger of being vilified and discriminated against on grounds of being non-Muslims, an editorial in the Express Tribune has opined.
A top official with the Russian central bank has opined that the CPI target of 4 percent is achievable.