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He also opined that the conversion of foreign currency loans into forint is exerting a positive impact on household purchasing power.
JICA, he opined, should also participate in phase II of energy sector reform programme with possibly increased funding, while the Japanese government could also assist in the rehabilitation of TDPs.
Dharamsala, March 11 (ANI): On the occasion of the 50th year of the failed uprising in Tibet that led to the Tibetans seeking refuge in India and elsewhere in the world, the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama opined that the Chinese authorities rejected the recent demands of the Tibetans.
Asked what sort of behaviour he thought might spur a recovery of the concept of community standards and perhaps even a reversal of this decision by the Court, libertarian Osgoode Hall Law School professor, Alan Young, opined to the Globe & Mail, "Something even more fringe, people defecating on one another.
of knitting mill space in the Brooklyn/Queens area having been converted to non-productive storage warehouses over the past 3 years, this creative transaction forged between Time Equities, a noted New York City based developer, and Scalamandre Silk, could become the transaction model which can save jobs and preserve what remains of the manufacturing character of New York City," opined Richard Maltz.
The plaintiff submitted an affidavit of merit from a registered nurse who opined that Nurse Tindall breached the applicable standard of care when administering the Phenergan, and that Nurse Tindall's negligent actions proximately caused the superficial phlebitis, which resulted in a sclerotic vein in the patient's right hand.
In these pages in October 2000, Dave Hickey opined that his "penchant for erotic narrative .
The Board's General Counsel issued a July 10, 2002, opinion that opined that an FHC, under section 4(k)(4)(B) of the BHC Act, could provide as a third-party administrator certain listed services to a third-party insurance company in connection with the sale and underwriting of insurance products.
Since Miller Beer is a sponsor, expect a healthy amount, though Shapiro opined, ``No one enjoys seeing a truly drunk person and that doesn't benefit anyone.
I opined, sir, that faith works in tandem with groveling.
Robert Minhinnick, another of Wales's foremost contemporary poets, recently opined that Professor Curtis's recent work was "soggy.
Critic Clive Barnes once opined that Gerald Arpino must be a syndicate of several choreographers.