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The policy would endeavor giving priority to traditional cultivators who have been earlier granted licenses for cultivation of opium poppy.
In 1676, the English physician Thomas Sydenham simplified Paracelsus' laudanum recipe to just opium in alcohol.
The Customs Mobile Laboratory was also called in to take a sample of the seized items and it also reported that the substance was opium.
Despite a drop, opium prices continued to attract farmers at around id="mce_marker"45 per kilogram.
On opium eradication, Zaw Win said Myanmar destroyed a total of 12,257 hectares of opium fields so far this year as part of the ongoing national drug eradication campaigns.
As we have predicted, opium will go up for a third year in a row," said Jean-Luc Lemahieu, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in Afghanistan, which prepared the report along with the Afghan Counter-narcotics Ministry.
The 36 percent decrease in production has been attributed to poor weather and crop disease, while the UNODC noted an 18 percent increase in cultivation as a result of a rise in opium prices.
Iranian scientists reviewed data of more than 50,000 adults living in the country's northeastern Golestan Province to find possible links between opium and higher death risk.
London, April 18 ( ANI ): Long term opium use, even in relatively low doses, may almost double the risk of death from many causes, particularly circulatory diseases, respiratory conditions and cancer, a new study has suggested.
Burma continues to be a major source of opium and also produces and exports heroin, in large quantities, second only to Afghanistan.
Money from the sale of opium is also used to fuel the insurgency, helping to buy weapons and equipment for the Taliban.
Western projects to convince Afghan farmers to shift from opium poppies to other commodities appear to be having some success.