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Your coming to our house is, in no respect, opportune.
Something always drew him toward those richer and more powerful than himself and he had rare skill in seizing the most opportune moment for making use of people.
Casaubon, and this made it seem all the more opportune that a fresh understanding should be begun, so that instead of Will's starting penniless and accepting the first function that offered itself, he should find himself in possession of a rightful income which should be paid by her husband during his life, and, by an immediate alteration of the will, should be secured at his death.
He had indulged in some wistful hopes that for once his master might have relaxed, that an opportune word of congratulation might awaken some spark of generosity in the man who had just added a fortune to his great store.
The attack upon the Maeterlinck school could not have been made at a more opportune moment.
If Lady Lydiard had been actually in league with him, she could not have chosen a more opportune time for her visit.
Involuntarily he glanced up and around to see if there were any trace of those opportune levin-flashes and thunderbolts which, in the "Acta Sanctorum," were wont so often to cut short the loose talk of the scoffer.
At what an opportune moment they arrived, how they listened, and what they heard, is already known to the reader.
Certainly," said Michel Ardan, finding himself alone, "these practical people have sometimes most opportune ideas.
He no sooner saw his friend appear than he arose hastily to meet him; and after much congratulation said, "Nothing could be more opportune than this kind visit; for I was never more in the spleen in my life.
What I would emphasise is, that under the head of Pride your sister is a great and opportune example to you.
I think," he said to himself, "that the arrival of Felix is opportune.