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Opportune IT Healthcare Solutions, founded in 2003, utilizes proprietary technology to perform audits on a risk-adjusted selection of inpatient and outpatient encounter coding for providers across the country.
The latest victory was a typically late swoop in a similar contest in July, and since then Opportune has run well twice in defeat.
Opportune Santos, Juliette Dworzak and Njoki Wainaina listen attentively to the conference proceedings.
MARK BRISBOURNE rounded off a sparkling Bank Holiday weekend when sending out Opportune to take the two-mile handicap under a good ride from Mark Flynn, writes Will O'Hanlon.
The fall came at an opportune time--less than 2 months after the publication in Germany of Ernst F.
I'm joining a ZigBee leader with best in class products at this opportune time when many ZigBee-based products are entering the market.
While Steir wouldn't confirm the building's purported leasing negotiations that are said to be ongoing between Forest City Rather and a handful of undisclosed tenants, he did reveal that Covington Burling had grabbed space in the building at an opportune time that allowed him to secure some attractive features for them in the lease, such as future expansion rights.
I think it is opportune to recall that the lawmaker, and the Catholic lawmaker in particular, cannot contribute to the formulation or approval of laws contrary to the first and essential norms that regulate moral life," the Pope said when receiving Carlos Luis Custer, Argentina's new ambassador to the Holy See.
For Carlos Estrada, 30, there's never an opportune moment for an increase in taxes unless he knows where the money is going.
I also think the timing of their debates is opportune and this confirms New Hampshire's role as well as confirming Fox's dedication to help better educate the New Hampshire voters.
We believe now is the opportune time to extend into Europe the exceptional level of expertise we have developed in the U.