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The model of human behavior governed almost exclusively by economic incentives is not very appealing, because it seems to suggest that people should behave opportunistically when they can get away with it (behavior that the Christian Reformers would have strongly condemned).
This agreement signals the start of a partnership between our firms to opportunistically acquire multifamily properties on the East Coast," said Benjamin Young, Managing Director and Head of RREEF Real Estate Opportunity Funds, Americas.
Capstead also seeks to opportunistically invest a portion of its investment capital in credit-sensitive commercial real estate-related assets, including subordinate commercial real estate loans.
Michaels announced that the Canton Equity Exchange has been exclusively engaged to line up an institutional capital partner to co-invest with Thompson Hotels, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Pomeranc Group, to opportunistically acquire approximately $200 million of boutique hotel properties.
Regal, United Artists and Act III have always been aggressive and will be looking opportunistically,'' he said.
Judy Bruner, SanDisk's Executive Vice President, Administration and Chief Financial Officer, commented, "SanDisk has adopted this repurchase program in order to opportunistically reduce the level of stockholder dilution caused by the issuance of employee equity incentive awards.
Since our initial public offering (IPO) in June, 1995, we have followed a consistent strategy of opportunistically expanding into key suburban markets within a 50 mile radius of New York City," said Scott Rechler, COO of Reckson, the largest publicly-traded owner and manager of Class A suburban and industrial properties in the New York tri-state area.

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