opposite camp

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It is the accepted view now that real culture must be purely classical; but we see most intense disputes on each side of the question, and there is no denying that the opposite camp has strong points in its favor.
Next in order among the romantic poets after Gray, and more thoroughly romantic than Gray, was Oliver Goldsmith, though, with characteristic lack of the power of self-criticism, he supposed himself to be a loyal follower of Johnson and therefore a member of the opposite camp.
You know very well that some of the six governments in the opposite camp are not trustworthy in any way.
The opposite camp maintains that the whole counterterrorism program needs to be revamped in favor of a "root causes of terrorism" method.
TAURUS Apr 20- May 20 Someone from the opposite camp may show interest in you.
Thankfully Steve Smith is from the opposite camp, he raises his game with the added responsibility.
Almost a third were in the opposite camp, meeting DSM-5 but not the older criteria, wrote Dr.
He is coaching Novak Djokovic now, and, should Kyrgios get to thenal, Becker could be in the opposite camp.
Mr Reynolds agreed but said Malcolm Fyfield was "in the absolute opposite camp, he was not a corner cutter".
If Ankara wants pro-Mursi elements to be part of a democratic disposition, it should also consider the valid fears expressed by the opposite camp.
Four people from Bab el-Tebbaneh were reported dead overnight, the security source said, including one who died of his wounds, and one was reported killed in the opposite camp.
Meanwhile in Brussels, 15 heads of state and government from the opposite camp flew in to set a pre-summit agenda of what is termed the "Friends of Cohesion" group.