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And we do not touch a golf ball until we hear either from our opposite number or the referees.
Toby and I might be opposite numbers in this match, but the flow of the game means you don't get to target another player.
There's no doubt Parisse's a superstar, a fantastic player, but I don't think you come directly up against your opposite number all that much.
Chaired by Secretary of State to Foreign Affairs Faycal Gouia and his German opposite number Markus Ederer, the session was an occasion to identify several priority co-operation sectors, notably counter-terrorism and fight against organised crime, economic reform, investment, employment, vocational training, university co-operation and research, journalists' training, tourism and renewable energies.
Though the home side forced Ingham's opposite number Liam Mitchell into a number of timely saves, Mitchell's long kick led to the second goal on 74 minutes.
Opposite number Dario Gradi said: "I'm just a little bit frustrated that we didn't go on and win the match.
WALES will pile the pressure on England manager Martin Johnson if they win next month's Six Nations showdown at Twickenham but their head coach hopes his opposite number is given time to succeed in the role.
Wilkinson also believes the French have unearthed a future superstar of the game in his opposite number on Saturday Lionel Beauxis.
But he revealed he apologised to his opposite number after the match.
But the Blues coach does introduce new faces and Wellington opposite number Colin Cooper has named a strong line-up containing 11 members of November's Grand Slam-winning All Blacks squad.
Wasps star Shaw was dismissed in the 11th minute by Welsh referee Nigel Williams for use of the knee on his opposite number Keith Robinson.
How our poor, ineffectual Mayor must envy his opposite number in Paris