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BILLY Vunipola will resume a rivalry with opposite number Toby Faletau that first began when scrapping as youngsters in their back gardens.
The top two pairs Maniel Bains, partnered with teenage prospect Tom Hill and the gritty Oliver Plaskett and Bjorn Thomson each won 3 out of 3 with the Warwickshire thirds Cameron Malik and Richard Westman beating their opposite numbers.
He said: "If you compare what BBC people get with their opposite numbers, I get paid significantly less than my opposite number at ITV and Channel 4, even though those are, on the face of it, much smaller companies.
All three main parties have poured resources into the constituency, which has been flooded with ministers and their opposite numbers over the past fortnight.
After losing to their opposite numbers, the Warwickshire thirds Leanne Supperstone and Natasha Hillyer upset the Leicestershire second pair with a straight sets victory.
The bodies of Republicans and Democrats, repellent husks even under the best circumstances, now host the minds, spirits, and vices of their putative opposite numbers.
While the drug lords, suppliers, and corrupt officials come across as despicable and venal characters, their opposite numbers in the Mexican police force and the Drug Enforcement Agency are not paragons of virtue either.