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Oppositely, the films annealed at higher temperatures exhibited an apparent switching transient and saturation phenomenon was observed when the temperature was higher than 110[degrees]C.
Professor Yuri Lvov was among the pioneers of the layer-by-layer nanoassembly technique based on alternate adsorption of oppositely charged components with more than 4000 citations of these works.
As the magnetic field becomes wrapped up in the Kelvin-Helmholtz waves, oppositely directed fields can "reconnect", allowing plasma to move from the solar wind into the magnetosphere.
The innermost gas in the disk spirals toward the black hole, where rapid motion and magnetism create dual, oppositely directed "funnels" through which some particles may escape.
Near the peak of a solar cycle, the magnetic field at the sun's poles reverses direction, with the old field erased by the new, oppositely directed field.
Side chloromethyl-functionalized polysiloxanes were reacted with BiPy (Menshutkin reaction) to obtain networks consisting of siloxane hydrophobic backbones interconnected between them through hydrophilic bridges with oppositely charged ion pairs (11), (12).
However, in spite of all the above conclusive evidences and the cooperation extended by my country till now, the Agency has unfortunately oppositely reacted.
To do this we shoot a charged bullet particle at a wall composed of fixed and similarly or oppositely charged particles (with gaps to mimic the presence of slits).
However, the 30-year notes went oppositely to the market.
The steps consist of providing an applicator blank formed of a rectangular section of material with two oppositely disposed ends and sides; cutting out mutually separate, longitudinally extending segments of one end of the applicator blank that have a base where they extend from the applicator blank and joining the blank's oppositely disposed sides to form a cylindrical applicator barrel with an inner surface.
The QuadBar's one-of-a-kind quadropole configuration serves to neutralize electric fields produced by the ionizer's four oppositely charged emitter points (two negative points and two positive points).
It was the first to have its charge measured, and it inspired the mathematical equation that first hinted at the existence of antimatter, the exotic, oppositely charged counterpart to ordinary matter.