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These statements are also a reflection of their naivete as they are unaware of the historical fact that no nation striving for its freedom has ever been and can ever be suppressed by military might and oppressive controls,' he said.
You can be in an oppressive institution and not be an oppressor.
The cages for partridges have oppressive solid metal walls, with birds having nothing to look at all day, which is barbaric.
How did you turn out to be so oppressive and merciless?
He added that the oppressive measures had once again proved that the sham elections in occupied Kashmir were nothing but a military operation to hoodwink the international community about the Kashmir dispute.
Police fired live rounds on protesters unhappy with a regime as oppressive as any which had run the country during its previous decades as a republic in the Soviet Union - yet the United Nations did nothing to step in and stop the violence.
Oppressive management can affect job stress, retention and team well-being.
The revolution in Egypt is the cornerstone for the Arab Spring, which started days after Tunisia and then it was followed by Libya and Yemen and now the revolution in Syria against its oppressive regime," Mursi said in his address.
In his speech before the Non-Aligned Movement Summit at the Iranian capital of Tehran Thursday, Morsi called for immediate stop of bloodshed in Syria, expressing solidarity with Syrians who are struggling against an oppressive regime.
PAUL DI RESTA is braced to battle the oppressive temperatures at the Malaysia Grand Prix tomorrow.
Omar Idilbi of the Local Coordination Committees described Al Dabi as a "senior officer with an oppressive regime that is known to repress opposition" and said there are fears he might not be neutral.
It is oppressive because each of the accused has already been the subject of a very lengthy first criminal trial involving at times unconscionably harsh conditions of incarceration and transport.