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A delighted Mr Maxwell said after the ruling that the judge had come down firmly in favour of his argument that he was being treated oppressively and unfairly.
Each guy is burdened by heavy psychological baggage, though Eli's --memories of a childhood with Oppressively "open-minded" therapist parents (Andrea Martin, Tony Abatemarco) -- are treated mostly for laughs.
He's not terrifyingly large like Shaquille O'Neal or oppressively guarded like Kobe Bryant.
It developed over centuries into a key part of law to prevent the authorities continually and oppressively trying to prosecute someone until they got a conviction.
An obvious labor of love, pic is fatally hampered by amateurish performances and a jarring attempt to balance lightly humorous and oppressively serious story elements.
Pullman posits his hero as a lonesome cowhand who's fairly clumsy in matters of the heart and is hardly oppressively intimidating as a gunman; he's hardly any ultra-cool, laconic western icon, and yet he strives for mythicism all the same: He certainly means business when he's been wronged.
Forecaster Mr Rob Bunn said: "It is going to be oppressively hot and for some people very uncomfortable, particularly at night.
So on an oppressively hot day like Tuesday, the motor came in handy for any reason an officer needed to get somewhere quickly.
It is such a natural lure for tourists that the grounds can get oppressively crowded, obliterating any sense of the serenity that Monet knew while living there with his mistress and future wife, Alice Hoschede, and their children.
To them, Waikiki is a loose confederation of ABC stores selling touristy junk, bordered by an oppressively crowded beach, clogged with skyscraper hotels that blot out the sun and obliterate the breezes out of the Manoa Valley.
It's a cashmere overcoat that Paula brought to the Trojans' oppressively hot season opener against Purdue and their cold, damp regular-season finale against the Irish and every game in between.
The viability of religion, of course, is central to the story, but so is the struggle of an ornery individualist against an oppressively structured way of doing things.