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It was very silent and lonely there in the desert, oppressively so indeed.
The doctor was in excellent spirits, and almost oppressively hospitable.
Rook looked at the journey from an oppressively cheerful point of view.
The evening was oppressively warm, the air stagnant.
Throughout the dinner Lady Lundie was in oppressively good spirits, singing the praises of her new friends.
The time that I met him alone was on a bright, but not oppressively hot day, in the beginning of July: I had taken little Arthur into the wood that skirts the park, and there seated him on the moss- cushioned roots of an old oak; and, having gathered a handful of bluebells and wild-roses, I was kneeling before him, and presenting them, one by one, to the grasp of his tiny fingers; enjoying the heavenly beauty of the flowers, through the medium of his smiling eyes: forgetting, for the moment, all my cares, laughing at his gleeful laughter, and delighting myself with his delight, - when a shadow suddenly eclipsed the little space of sunshine on the grass before us; and looking up, I beheld Walter Hargrave standing and gazing upon us.
That it was not of an oppressively grave character, but was enlivened by various pleasantries arising out of the subject, was clear from their loud and frequent roars of laughter, which startled Barnaby on his post, and made him wonder at their levity.
Each was oppressively conscious of the other's presence, even to the finger-ends.
The Gulf waters are beginning to cool down after what was an oppressively hot summer, and the fish are feeling the need to eat and pack on weight.
Genre distinctions in DJ culture can be oppressively rigid.
Relaxation was the name of the game for Bolt on an oppressively humid evening.
The immaculate service is attentive but not oppressively fussy - while the dining room is swanky but not snobbish.