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55) in the pre-administrative era, the inherent oppressiveness of the status differences between rulers and their subjects was ameliorated by the localized nature of social control.
But the oppressiveness of the day-in, day-out drudgery of the families' lives brings home John Donne's saying clearly: No man is an island, and to try to live alone is so impoverishing that most of us naturally struggle against it.
The writing is taut and atmospheric, and the pacing perfectly evokes a feeling of oppressiveness and terror.
September and October are warm but without the oppressiveness of the summer months.
Not surprisingly, Iran complained about the inadequacy of the carrots and the oppressiveness of the sticks, sending EU and U.
The narrator indicates that the existence of her child and her interaction with that child provides inspiration because he has not yet come to understand the oppressiveness of racism in America.
Alfredson's latest film is as subdued as it is oblique, and yet despite the eternally grey skies of its settings--London, Istanbul, Budapest-and the oppressiveness of its silences, it features performances that dazzle and seem to fit the secrecy and the indecipherability of the world of 1970s British intelligence like a glove.
He notes that social justice organizers follow three steps: exposing the system's oppressiveness, "processing of pain" in an attempt to retool the system, and finding Biblical foundation for a just society (44-45).
Some traditionalists bristled: the brutal oppressiveness of an imperial power was glamorised into lofty and noble strategy in an attempt to airbrush Australia's grubby convict beginnings.
Like Isaac, Ragosta underscores the oppressiveness of the establishment, and their violent repression of dissenters.
I feel the oppressiveness of the desert heat and doubt in my bones that I can endure for such a long time.
The Argus newspaper wrote: 'managers have had to listen to repeated complaints from the miners as to the oppressiveness of the atmosphere in the lower depths.