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And those on the other side treated Protestants with the same opprobrium, Hence centuries of European religious wars.
India earns the world's opprobrium for threatening to block the WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement - and could ruin its own agriculture industry
While bearing the criticism and opprobrium, the interior minister should improve the security situation of the country.
East Germany, which faced international opprobrium every time it shot an escaper, had kept his death a secret.
Surely Bahrain doesn't need this - yet another disproportionate sentencing that is sure to catch international attention and bring more unwanted ridicule and opprobrium.
Bin Laden is a touchy subject for fiction, given the opprobrium he has engendered in America since 9/11.
Has anyone suggested he has brought ridicule on himself and opprobrium to his native country?
This justified the opprobrium with which Nigerians reacted to the New Year's gift of an inflated pump price of petrol, five months to his first anniversary
His decision to cross the line and begin an affair attracts the opprobrium of his mentor Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen).
Gingrich, accused of sanctimonious hypocrisy in one instance, invited his audience to turn its opprobrium upon institutions perceived to be offering sanctimonious hypocrisy every day.