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On the contrary, results of other studies showed that NAION patients had a smaller optic cup and cup/disc ratio (26,30).
The hESC-derived cells formed the correct 3D shape and the two layers of the optic cup, including a layer containing a large number of light-responsive cells called photoreceptors.
In a petri dish, the cells spontaneously bulged to form a bubble called an eye vesicle, which folded back on itself to create a half-millimetre-wide pouch layered with retinal cells the optic cup.
The optic cup is the white, cup-like area in the center of the optic disc, the circular area at the back of the inside of the eye where the optic nerve connects to the retina.
At 2 2 hpf, the retinoblast pool in zebrafish is expanding because all cells of the optic cup neuroepithelium are proliferative with an 8-10 h cell cycle (6).
Size of the neuroretinal rim and optic cup and their correlations with ocular and general parameters in adult Chinese: the Beijing eye study, Br J Ophthalmol 2007;91:1616-1619.
Now-a-days the automatic screening techniques were most efficient and time consuming but the challenge is to correctly identify the optic disc and optic cup in the given 2-D fundus image.