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certificate of deposit (CD)

n. a document issued by a bank in return for a deposit of money which pays a fixed interest rate for a specified period (from a month to several years). Interest rates on CD's are usually higher than savings accounts because banking institutions require a commitment to leave money in the CD for a fixed period of time. Often there is a financial penalty (fee) for cashing in a CD before the pledged time runs out.

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The global recordable optical disc market is segmented on the basis of region, product type and end-users.
Hitachi-LG Data Storage and co-conspirators participated in meetings and conversations at different times to fix prices and rig bids for optical disc drives sold to Microsoft and HP, the DOJ said.
nl) has been delivering mastering systems to the industry since the first generation of Optical Discs.
Sony's Optical Disc Archive is a powerful platform, and we developed the DNA Evolution software to address shortcomings of other HSM/archive middleware solutions," said Chakravarty.
Discs containing four or more surfaces would probably be made thinner than today's optical discs to keep the stack from becoming too thick," he adds.
Market Analytics III-17Table 56: Canadian Recent Past, Current & Future Analysisfor Digital Storage Devices by Segment - Hard Disk Drive,Solid State Drive, Optical Disc (Blu-Ray, DVD and CD), andFlash Drive (USB Flash Memory Drive and Others) MarketsIndependently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in ThousandUnits for Years 2013 through 2020 (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) III-17
Vertical optical disc storage causes warping, while exposure to high heat shortens optical disc lifespan.
OneDisc[TM]/DVDPlus( [c] )dual-sided, hybrid optical disc technology has the unique feature of combining two distinct formats of content distribution on one disc, a DVD (digital versatile disc) on one side and a CD (compact disc) on the other.
LOS ANGELES, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The inventor of the optical disc has sued consumer electronics giant Philips Electronics, N.
GEding + Partner is the leading Optical Disc Refurbishment service provider worldwide.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Corporation of America (ADR - NYSE: SNE) today announced plans to build a new optical disc manufacturing center in Springfield, Ore.