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Fearful for their future fortunes, the Optimates were determined that would not happen.
According to Saint Thomas Aquinas there were three "orders" of people in the cities: the supremi or optimates (the patriciate), the medii or the populus honorabilis and finally the infimi or the vilis populus.
Much like today's Democrats and Republicans, in Rome two opposing political parties, the Populares and the Optimates, faced off on either side of the political divide.
Meanwhile, the Optimates party, which controls the Senate, struggles with the party of the Populares, which controls the Assembly.
Worse, each represented a major faction in the ongoing political struggle of the day--Marius, the populares, who wanted political power distributed more widely throughout society; and Sulla, the optimates, who wanted power held firmly in the hands of the old patrician families.
Tuae mihi pergratae fuerunt litterae), and an overlooked version of Filelfo's Oratio ad exules optimates (fols.