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Perry was becoming more hopeful, although upon what meager food he sustained his optimism I could not conjecture.
It was the urge of Life healthy and strong, unaware of frailty and decay, drunken with sublime complacence, ego-mad, enchanted by its own mighty optimism.
His virile courage and optimism are as pronounced as those of Browning; he wrote a noteworthy 'Essay on Comedy' and oftentimes insists on emphasizing the comic rather than the tragic aspect of things, though he can also be powerful in tragedy; and his enthusiasms for the beauty of the world and for the romance of youthful love are delightful.
Some twenty years her senior, he preserved a gift that she supposed herself to have already lost--not youth's creative power, but its self-confidence and optimism.
The sunshine was delicious, and a gentle optimism seemed to steal over him.
With the most heroic optimism, this Rocky Mountain Company persevered until, in 1906, it had created a seventy- thousand-mile nerve-system for the far West.
There was something lugubriously comical in the way Newman's thoroughly contemporaneous optimism was confronted with this dusky old-world expedient.
Out of their native optimism and race-egotism they had therefore concluded that the task was impossible, that China would never awaken.
But Bassett's relapses grew more frequent, his brief convalescences less and less vigorous, his periods of coma longer, until he came to know, beyond the last promptings of the optimism inherent in so tremendous a constitution as his own, that he would never live to cross the grass lands, perforate the perilous coast jungle, and reach the sea.
Additionally, an interviewer may be able to eliminate the individuals that do not have the optimisms levels needs to increase current workgroup optimism levels.
Significant statistical results suggest that the perception of a group's optimism is a suitable indicator in measuring a group's optimism.