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H3: Optimistic bias increases as attitudes toward violence become more positive.
91 per cent of the most optimistic respondents reported feeling confident in the past week, while only 52 per cent of the least optimistic respondents did, a difference of 39 percentage points.
Research for the Western Mail by Beaufort Research shows that overall, more Welsh adults are optimistic about the future than pessimistic since the UK voted to leave the EU in the referendum on June 23.
26 per cent of voters, though, did say they were not optimistic about Islamic finance for this year.
The refined SOSa-SPSa model in Figure 2(a) depicts the process of sentiment contagion between the optimistic subjects and the susceptible subjects as follows: (1) a small possibility exists for the susceptible subjects to become optimistic subjects when coming in contact with the pessimistic subjects; (2) when the optimistic subjects comes in contact with the susceptible subjects, the optimistic subjects remain optimistic, and the susceptible subjects become optimistic with a possibility of [[beta].
The Second Quarter Social Weather Report, conducted on June 5-8, also showed that the proportion of Filipinos optimistic about the expected change in their quality of life was unchanged from the last quarter.
The head of the central bank of Greece has said that he is very optimistic about staying in the euro.
Male respondents are more optimistic than female respondents about the near future (97.
The index shows that consumer sentiment in the UAE remains steady and optimistic, with a score of 88.
When compared to the previous edition of the survey released last year, consumers are more optimistic about Employment (97.
The phrase is such a perfect description for our recent, cautiously optimistic times that it could've been used way too often to describe far too many things: Retailers were cautiously optimistic heading to trade shows; vendors were cautiously optimistic heading to trade shows.
The role of women in farming is changing, paving the way for the next generation of optimistic and ambitious female farmers, reveals a new report by Barclays Agriculture.