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He concludes, optimistically, that as it has not always been this way, it is not immune to future change.
Compared with other similar awards, the under 45 age limit might seem like an optimistically elastic definition of young, but since only built work is eligible for consideration, the mid forties cut-off point acknowledges the length of time it takes to study, qualify and become established as a serious practising architect.
He wrote optimistically, "We have not spoken about the city itself as a potential 'living' biennial," referring to how work might spill across the urban landscape to "trigger something on a different plane.
The little star from Staffordshire never complains about her devastating disabilities - optimistically looking to the future.
Brighton feels like San Francisco circa 1973: gleefully naughty yet optimistically innocent.
Wilson observes optimistically that "a civilisation able to envision God and embark on the colonisation of space will surely find the way to save the integrity of this planet.
During the ceremonies in Oslo, Sweden, Henderson optimistically insisted that the conference was very much alive, even without Germany's inclusion.
JUST FOR A MOMENT, let's optimistically assume that Japan is able to avoid a depression or a financial crisis.
Even though the sluggish economy made their jobs challenging in 2002, fundraisers view 2003 optimistically.
The word "interruption" optimistically implies that the recipient is going to renew at some point.
I am currently and optimistically "goosing the state's economic recovery into a higher gear" by spending money to relocate, build a new facility, and expand my business.
Optimistically, the pulp and paper industry is only equivalent to 10-12 years into a similar experience.

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