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In the third part, we establish the model where the optional service level is decided by the manufacturer.
CPE Credits: 20 (main) and up to 12 (optional) Pre-Conference Optional Workshops: Sunday, May 7
You might pilot an optional testing program for a few years, or give students the option to submit subject-based tests, which are more content driven, in place of the New SAT or ACT.
A five-speed manual is standard and four-speed automatic is optional, as are sunroof, rear spoiler, cruise control, alloywheels, airconditioning and upgraded audio systems.
Notes in respect of which an optional repurchase notice has been provided by a holder shall not be exchangeable even if otherwise exchangeable unless such holder validly withdraws such optional repurchase notice in accordance with the terms of the Notes.
One of the objections sometimes raised to optional federal chartering is that insurance, unlike banking, securities or many other types of economic goods, is local in nature and therefore can only be regulated at the state level.
A plan amendment that retroactively (i) eliminates or reduces an early retirement benefit or a retirement-type subsidy (as defined in regulations), or (ii) eliminates an optional form of benefit is treated as reducing accrued benefits.
LAS VEGAS -- Magellan, creators of the Hertz([R]) NeverLost([R]) and a leading global innovator of outdoor and vehicle navigation solutions, announced today the availability of the new Magellan CrossoverGPS and optional compatible software to expand its functionality.
Other features in the DURABOOK D13RY and D14RY include optional 60/80/100 GB hard drives, Intel GMA950 generation integrated graphics engine, and optional Bluetooth 2.
Makes 4 servings, 125 calories each; optional ingredients and garnish add about 40 calories per serving.
Plus, Kyocera printers come loaded with a powerful array of standard and optional features that surpasses most of the competition.