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Historically, convertibles performed best relative to equities when volatility was not at depressed levels, as the optionality of convertibles benefits investors versus the straight equity in higher volatility environments.
The post BOC's Ackermann says balance sheet de-risking provides optionality, flexibility appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Ultimately, however, when planning with clients for estate tax obligations, I believe you'll find a survivorship life policy featuring guarantees and optionality to be a sound financial decision for clients who can purchase such a policy.
These assets, combined with the partnership's existing Louisiana assets, will provide EnLink Midstream with optionality to provide services to southern Louisiana's growing industrial, refining and petrochemical marketplace.
To extend the principles of competition, optionality and equality of the parties, the experts have invited to review the role and powers of the judge, the parties themselves, the prosecutor and the third party within civil proceeding.
It will be immediately accretive to our earnings before synergies of $130 million and provides further optionality for our pigments business.
The optionality clause will require the buy back of securities from the foreign investor at the prevailing price or at the value determined at the time of exercise of the optionality.
We have a team in Mubadala as well as in Taqa looking at the optionality.
Optionality arises when there are two equally close elements that can delete this feature: the element in T which is realised as that when moved to C, or a nominative subject (a D element with a uT feature).
Traditional finance examples of optionality restrictions include note prepayment lockouts (you can't prepay a loan within a certain amount of time), severe prepayment penalties that impede note prepayments (for instance, so-called "yield maintenance" penalties that entail a costly present value of your future debt service at government borrowing rates), balance sheet covenants that limit other indebtedness or leverage, cash flow sweep requirements, and limitations on note assumability, just to name a few.
It is noteworthy to see the substantial increase in the resource base using a lower cutoff grade, which provides us with additional optionality around project development given the existing high grade areas of the resource.