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In addition, as the examples in this article illustrate, corporate flexibility and optionality tend to be more valuable to shareholders than isolated interest rate savings.
One example of such "credit-related optionality" is a line of credit, where optionality reflects the fact that drawdown rates tend to increase as a customer's credit quality deteriorates.
An important corollary to the constitutional optionality of laws and governmental actions is that their omission--the failure to enact those laws or undertake those actions--is likewise constitutionally optional.
Moving to membership optionality by itself is sort of like dropping a coconut, letting it crack and seeing where the milk goes.
Generally speaking, it's important for companies to have cash right now because "the world is going to change, there is major realignments going on, and don't underestimate the optionality of cash," he said.
When the IPO process itself begins, maintaining optionality around these alternatives as well as optimising the equity story and selection, management and incentivisation of book-runners, is critical.
We, therefore, believe the company will have better optionality for growth investments, including investing in new commodities, while continuing to offer the highest yield in the sector.
A swathe of flexible supply with destination optionality is seeking and competing for the market of highest return.
Aside from the basic text in FAS 133, the FASB also has promulgated a diverse set of clarifications as "Derivative Implementation Guidance," and according to DIG Issue C10, volumetric optionality violates the requirement that delivery must be probable.
The hub also gives Kinder Morgan's customers flexibility and optionality in this time of increasing production and volatile prices.
Coury commented, "As indicated last week, we remain focused on utilizing the optionality provided by Mylan's strong balance sheet and ample financial flexibility in pursuit of external opportunities that further build on our existing platform and position us for continued growth and value creation, and we have already identified a number of potential opportunities.