oral declaration

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Customer consent could be expressed, as in a formal written or oral declaration of permission, or implied, through a prior business relationship, defined as when a customer contacts or purchases from the company or publicly shares an email address with the company within the previous two years.
goods for which an oral declaration is permitted in accordance with art.
Veni, vidi, vici" is a Latin sentence phrase the etymology of which reportedly extends from Caesar's oral declaration respecting
Roman law allowed a soldier in the field to make an informal will and allowed oral declaration notwithstanding their non-compliance with the technical rules of regular law applicable to civilians.
Security guards will no longer accept an oral declaration of citizenship and a government-issued photo ID will be required for travelers older than 19.
These measures include: A multi-layered scrutiny system of annual declarations of interest (ADoIs), specific declarations of interest (SDoIs) and oral declarations of interest (ODoIs).
Falcon said in 2005, when oral declarations of citizenship were still common, Zuniga's older sister incorrectly claimed that the siblings were U.
Perhaps some foreign officials still believe that oral declarations of outrage somehow contribute to defusing tension, but Friday's protests in Syria prove that the Syrian people have had enough of the hypocrisy and foot-dragging.
Subsequently, DHS has ended the practice of accepting oral declarations of citizenship at the land border and is currently requiring U.
It stated that "the evidence of the patient's oral declarations [must be] reliable.