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This, of course in combination with brushing, flossing and rinsing, provide a healthy balance of the microbial community, because saliva also provides nourishment for microorganisms to survive in a commensal manner in the oral environment.
Reduced salivary flow impairs buffering abilities and creates an oral environment that is more acidic.
High metal alloys used in dentistry are so stable chemically that they do not undergo significant corrosion in the oral environment.
As a result of the polymerization reaction and interaction with the oral environment, these resins experience a series of physical changes6, resulting in the softening of the resin matrix and a decrease in stain resistance7 .
Moreover, the small amounts of calcium and phosphorus lost by enamel during the pH drop throughout the de-remineralisation process can be more efficiently recovered if fluoride is present in the oral environment [Cury and Tenuta, 2009].
Another important variable influencing urease activity is oral environment.
Conclusions: Fixed orthodontic appliances (FOAs) tend to influence oral environment by lowering salivary pH towards acidic side.
Placement of a removable prosthesis in the oral cavity produces profound changes in the oral environment that may have an adverse effect on the integrity of oral tissues.
Novel drug delivery systems for therapeutic intervention in the oral environment 23.
1996) clinically acceptable roughness of hard surfaces in the oral environment after polishing should not exceed 0.
Following are sections on restorative tooth movement, establishment of maintainable periodontal tissue, and prosthetic treatment and improvement of the oral environment.
Changes in the oral environment effected by tooth loss or denture wearing can cause changes in oral microflora.