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Their topics include the oral prevention and care measures for head and neck cancer, evidence-based decision making in dental care, professional exposure to infectious pathogens in the dental and stomatological environment, special needs and attention required providing dental care for children with cleft lip and palate, the need for jaw stabilization to prevent dysphagia in Down syndrome, computer-aided oral implant surgery, considerations in the dental care of implant-treated patients, and patient autonomy and the doctor-patient relationship in dentistry.
Part of the inner-bone implant consists of a cylindrical body provided at the bottom with a slightly conical part and special, very thin spires and at the top with a cylindrical head within which there are the gathering-screwing and the fixation elements of the oral implant.
Misch is a clinical associate professor in the department of implant dentistry at New York University and past co-director of the University of Pittsburgh Oral Implant Center.