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It's bad enough spending any time in the company of someone who speaks in rhymes and expects you to understand they are discussing 'piles' when they start orating about Johnny Giles.
Since 1980, Mr and Mrs Spencer, of Cannon Park, Coventry, have staged dozens of Blitz Balls, commem- orating the April and November war-time air raids.
The crowd packed into a restaurant banquet hall Tuesday night alternated between booming approval and sharp attention as Buchanan, a politician near the top of his orating game, tore into "this idea of these new businesses, these cold-blooded characters with the green eyeshades.
There are lots of places in the world to apply your technical, professional skills: great writing or orating, masterful planning, superb financial management.
com)r personal computers, a leading supplier of hig's sales for the fiscal year ending March 1999 orating that technology, estimated product perfotiming of new product introductions, competition, and the significant uncertainty of market acceptance of new products.
And he began orating again: "I pledge allegiance to the flag.
Incorp orating both research and teaching units , the new centre will keep the trust at the edge ofinno vat ion in child health.