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2 tons of scrap aluminum recycled by Orbus in 2013, 200 new cars using an average of 300 pounds of aluminum each could be created, and over 400,000 hours of kilowatt energy were saved.
THE STONE GODS (2008): In the first of three postapocalyptic tales, pollution-ravaged Planet Orbus is dying, and Central Power has sent a team of scientists, including Billie Crusoe and her love, the Robo sapiens Spike, to faraway Planet Blue, an inhabitable planet that, despite some troublesome native fauna, may save the human race.
With slate wiped clean, The Orb could move on and make their under-rated masterpiece Orbus Terrarum.
State Supreme Court Justice Michael Orbus went through the formality of telling Strauss-Kahn he needed to appear in court and had a right to be present at his trial to which the economist said "yes.
based company's NAFEM booth will feature 1/2-6 HP air-cooled condensing units equipped with HyperCore microchannel coil technology and VSEC motors with Orbus Controllers to consume less energy and reduce refrigerant charge.
To illustrate the connections, Vest examines Borges's "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbus Tertius" and Dick's "The Defenders," Eye in the Sky, and Time Out of Joint.
The Latin orbus meaning "bereft," and the German Erbe or "non-inheritor" could easily refer to the condition of the colony and the colonized.
The Orb Pomme Fritz/ Orbus Terrarum/Orblivion/ Cydonia ***
In this case, Winterson cross-pollinates Defoe's Robinson Crusoe with Nietzsche's theory of "eternal recurrence," a little Orwell, and a dash of quantum physics, to tell the cosmic odyssey of the renegade Sapphic scientist, Billie Crusoe and of her love for Spike, a sexy female robo-sapiens, with whom she flees the Earth-like, ecologically devastated planet Orbus to reach the paradisiacal Planet Blue.
In The Stone Gods, a mixture of science fiction and fantasy, Jeanette Winterson blends fine-spun humor with pathos and fictionalizes Nietzchean eternal recurrence in three distinct social frames or dystopias historically disconnected from one another: one takes place sixty-five million years ago on a planet called Orbus, one in the seventeenth century on Easter Island, and one in the aftermath of the Third World War.
A clatter of their records have all beared a variation of the Orb name - Orblivian and Orbus Terrarum are just two.