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The classroom literacy curriculum placed emphasis on these complementary reading and writing processes and Melissa was able to orchestrate the various cueing systems to learn how to speak, read, and write in English.
Virtual and Cloud support out of the box - automated activities to orchestrate virtual and cloud environments
Unbiased connectivity - the ability to integrate, and orchestrate heterogeneous systems, software tools and infrastructure resources
In the future, the ChannelMaster business rules engine will orchestrate all components of the Enterprise Lending System to deliver dynamic workflow for all lending processes.
M1 offers the Business Convergence Platform, which includes a next-generation business process management software suite designed from the ground up to orchestrate all communication channels.
O'Connor will outline how Sonic customers are using the Sonic ESB and the Sonic Business Integration Suite to cost effectively integrate applications and orchestrate business processes across the extended enterprise.
The joint JCA and BPEL standards-based solution will allow customers to, (1) Connect out-of-the-box to enterprise applications and services, (2) Orchestrate these IT resources into business processes, and (3) Manage and monitor the processes once deployed.
Exemplary Software, a provider of software that orchestrates the complete replenishment process for the extended supply chain in real time, today announced the cX Quickstart program.
Sonic ESB provides a distributed, standards-based, cost-effective, easily managed infrastructure that reliably integrates applications and orchestrates business processes across the extended enterprise using Web services and the J2EE(TM) Connector Architecture.
Premier Entertainment orchestrates product placement in approximately 300 feature films per year and most Prime-Time Television Programming.
Ceremony both orchestrates and memorializes the online signing ceremony to collect and archive the key evidence that satisfies current legal, regulatory and organizational standards.