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ORDAIN. To ordain is to make an ordinance, to enact a law.
     2. In the constitution of the United States, the preamble. declares that the people "do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America." The 3d article of the same constitution declares, that "the judicial power shall be vested in one supreme court, and in such inferior courts as the congress may from time to time ordain and establish. "See 1 Wheat. R. 304, 324; 4 Wheat: R. 316, 402.

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It's almost like the Archangel Gabriel is coming to ordain her a deacon so she could proclaim the gospel, which in her case would be, of course, to bear Jesus.
Bishop Cox may be keen to ordain as many priests as he can because he might be dangerously ill," he said.
But isn't there a fear that if you ordained a woman as a deacon, you could ordain her a priest, too?
reviews significant internal and external pressures on religious denominations to ordain or refuse ordination to women.
The community then determined that they would not ask a bishop from the Roman Catholic Womenpriests group to ordain her, but call and ordain her collectively.
If we consider ordaining proven local leaders in the communities, then we should ordain not just one but always a team of them.
According to the Detroit Free Press, the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas, one of three Episcopal dioceses that do not ordain women, has appealed to the archbishop of Canterbury to be transferred to another Anglican jurisdiction.
The decision to ordain women as bishops has shattered the compromise, changing "whether" to "when" with regard to all-out schism.
To ordain a married man is to raise him to a higher vocation, whereas to allow a priest to marry is to demote him to a lesser one.
The long-term solution is simple: Get rid of dissident priests and unorthodox teaching in seminaries, don't ordain homosexuals, and preach about larger families.
At a ceremony in Boston's Church of the Covenant, Reynolds will ordain Gloria Ray Carpeneto, Judy Lee and Gabriella Velardi-Ward to the priesthood and MaryAnn McCarthy Schoettly to the deaconate.