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Some of those being ordained will work for their churches as volunteers while others have a full time salaried job with the church.
Mr Price and Mr Pritchard will be the first people to be ordained as Pioneer Ministers in the Diocese of Bangor.
The problem in the LELB is that anyone who completes his theological education and applies to be ordained is told that he will be ordained only if he opposes the ordination of women.
Between 1845 and 1945, Baptists affiliated with the SBC ordained men for ministry in a process that was not uniform, but relatively consistent within a range of variations.
Restoring them to the ordained diaconate would make them clerics.
There are a lot of people aged 30 and upwards who get ordained but for somebody of my age it's very rare, especially female.
Also ordained as a deacon on Saturday was sister Wendy Tayler, 36, who worked as a Church Army officer for eight years based in the nightclubs in Cardiff.
One Lane County pastor even wrote a dense eight-page commentary for his parish bulletin, arguing that women were never ordained and deacons aren't really necessary anyway.
All but one of the new deacons were ordained by the Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Rev James Jones, at a service held at Liverpool Cathedral which was attended by more than 1,000 people.
Tom Donn, who was ordained at Stornoway more than 78 years ago, is now the longest-ordained minister of the Church of Scotland since the Reformation 450 years ago.
NEW priests are to ordained by the Bishop of Wakefield Stephen Platten in the next two weeks.