order of protection

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under what conditions would they check an order of protection? would they do it just to do it? or does there have to be a reason... im not sure on the whole thing quite confused actually.


Normally they do need some reason or a request by some party etc.
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368658) Akron-Beacon Journal that the very reason she was seeking the order of protection was because she was afraid.
as well as active military personnel, who are subject to a qualifying order of protection.
State's Attorney Michael Balksus: We wouldlike to stress the seriousness of the crime to the defendant, and make sure that he is well aware that under the Order of Protection he cannot threaten or harass the complainant or have any sort of physical contact with her in any unlawful manner .
Randolph Costa told the New York Post that they love each other and that he wants the order of protection to be dropped, so that both of them can get married.
McIntosh-Inoe filed a complaint with police following the alleged assault and currently has an order of protection out against the singer.
And on Tuesday cops arrested Sabourin at a Manhattan courthouse for violating an order of protection barring her from contacting 30 Rock star Baldwin and Hilaria.
Pequeno immediately obtained an Emergency Order of Protection from Judge Vega in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.
The Illinois Domestic Violence Act, with a powerful arsenal of civil relief Centered on its order of protection, offers help and hope to victims of domestic violence.
Stephanopolous was granted an order of protection, requiring Burkhart, 30, to have no contact with him.
Programs also report various interactions that victims and offenders have with the criminal justice system, such as arrest, charge and order of protection information.
Supplementary order of protection forest in Forestry Heath - covering the implementation of fencing in forestry Heath, comp.
According to an order of protection filed by Eastwood, when Chisum was confronted by Tehama security personnel, he claimed to be Eastwood's son and refused to leave the premises, Radar Online reported.