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In the Order of the Day, HM the King said that the commemoration of the 55th comes after decencies of sacrifice and devotion by the members of the Royal Armed Forces in defending the homeland, protecting its citizens and safeguarding its sacred values.
Bagpipes and Highland dress were the order of the day for the 50th Anniversary celebration of the American-Scottish Foundation at the annual Wallace Award Dinner presided over by Foundation president Alan L.
Plus, fins were the order of the day, and--in 1972--giant "Leisure-Mobiles" with modular power units hauled the family and a sizable speedboat in a package reminiscent of GM's "Parade of Progress" truck fleet.
2 -- color) Hairspray was the order of the day for Helena Bonham Carter, arriving with Tim Burton, who apparently had coiffeur issues of his own.
Thus there is a natural association of ideas between the secret military documents and the Islamic world, at a time when political will, the power of the media, and distrust among cultures are the order of the day.
Welcome to the lean world where change is the order of the day and 20- or 30-year-old paradigms must be thrown out.
Raunch was often the order of the day, [including] jokes that centered on the possibility that any one of us might be gay.
Michael Henry Adams states, "as Harlem grew and real-estate speculation became the order of the day, the dollar value of land became paramount in developers' eyes long before any actual profits had been realized.
Carefully crafted prayers might be the order of the day.
In a period when isolation and concerted attempts at conversion were the order of the day, the very existence of this office seems anomalous; but Jewish notaries existed, kept records in Hebrew, and served as the backbone of Jewish self-rule.
Furthermore, many procedural Senate voles require 60 votes for passage, which means that compromise will be the order of the day in the Senate.
Delayed gratification will become the order of the day.

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