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During the orderly room proceedings, the CPO demoted SI Mohammad Ashraf and Ghulam Mustafa over misuse of powers.
The Governor also released the fund to an aide to settle all debts the late orderly might be owing anyone in line with Islamic rites.
It later emerged that the 27-year-old orderly -- who was working the night shift at the home -- strangled him in her efforts to carry him to his bed by pulling on his shirt collar.
The same is here, the commander orders his orderly, chairman of the senate or a prime minister, whoever he is.
Therefore, the board of directors decided that an orderly liquidation and winding down of its licensed businesses, would best maximise value that benefits its creditors and stakeholders.
Let us secure the conditions that would lead to the conduct of free, orderly, peaceful and credible 2016 national and local elections, said Lt.
A European problem demands a common, coherent EU policy; the Economist urges let refugees in, but Europe must unite on regulating the flow in an orderly way
The Bank of England deputy governor has said that he would prefer a world where banks can fail in an orderly manner.
University of Minnesota researchers placed one group of study participants in an orderly room and another group in a room strewn with papers, and asked both groups to think of unconventional uses for pingpong balls.
The Commission concluded that, provided there is compliance with all commitments related to the group's orderly resolution, the restructuring of Belfius and the new development bank set up in France, the transactions are compatible with EU state aid rules, in particular because the residual group will pull out of the market altogether.
An orderly transition from a fossil fuel economy to a carbon light economy would look much different.
Pride in their vocation and their ward, as did the ward orderly.