ordinary run

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Influenced by these thoughts, his face wore an expression so benign and tranquil, that the waiter in immediate attendance upon him felt he could almost have died in his defence, and settled in his own mind (until the receipt of the bill, and a very small fee for very great trouble disabused it of the idea) that such an apostolic customer was worth half-a-dozen of the ordinary run of visitors, at least.
It was evident to me from his manner that in the main he was telling the truth, but somehow he seemed different from the ordinary run of Zulus, and I rather mistrusted his offer to come without pay.
But neither could it be said that he looked young; he had never at any time looked young with common youth; there had always been something in his appearance that stamped him as different from the ordinary run of men, and, apart from his shyness, built up an intangible, invisible barrier between him and his kind.
I don't hold with foreigners as a rule, but from what the newspapers say I make out as how these brave Belges isn't the ordinary run of foreigners, and certainly he's a most polite spoken gentleman.
It would be a very suitable tune for particular occasions--none better--but it would be difficult to keep time with in the ordinary run of domestic transactions.
He just has to put that ordinary run behind him in this.
Of these, Yuvraj would be keen to make his mark after a rather extended ordinary run with the bat.
He said: "I don't think it's practical for the ordinary run of the mill player that moves up to Dublin, wants to play a bit of Gaelic and has to declare for Dublin, it's not going to happen.
Beer is what makes a hash different from an ordinary run, but no one is ever forced to drink, club members say.
But a fall at Exeter and an ordinary run at Newbury caused plans to change and Stewart and his trainer Paul Nicholls will try him back up at two and a half miles in the Unicoin Homes Relkeel Hurdle.
This rebrand is building on the experience and volumes we produce which enable us to offer a fantastic range of organic, Fairtrade and gluten free products at prices similar to ordinary run of the mill muesli.
So, buyers must be aware that relying on Section 49 is a risky strategy and unless they can convince a court the circumstances of their default are outside the ordinary run of cases, they will have a hard task persuading a court they deserve their deposit back.