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Table 1: Factors that Affect Oxalate Metabolism that Are Covered in the Urine Organic Acid Test Metabolites Significance Oxalic acid Extremely acidic organic acid that traps heavy metals and deposits in a variety of tissues throughout the body.
Strom L, Owen AG, Godbold DL, Jones DL (2001) Organic acid behavior in calcareous soil: sorption and biodegradation rates.
During the Phase I composting process, under anaerobic conditions, organic acids are produced by anaerobic bacteria and remain as residual compounds in the compost for the duration of the composting and possibly spawn growing periods.
The ability of the rhizosphere microorganisms to dissolve calcium phosphate and apatites in a pure culture and in association with plant roots was attributed to organic acids and chelating metabolites accompanied by the reduction of media pH.
An organic acid is any compound that generates protons at the prevailing pH of human blood.
This protected organic acid consists of MCFA and composite organic acids.
5% organic acid salt solutions, at pH 4, for 1 minute at 55 C.
The HM extraction efficiency can be strongly influenced by the acidity of the liquid medium; therefore, the pH values of the organic acid solutions were measured before and after extraction (Table 3).
Within the organic acid treatments, increasing rates of addition resulted in a decreased percentage sorption of organic acids to soil surfaces (P<0.
The antioxidant properties, organic acid and vitamin content of the plant are effective in treatment of various health problems [13].