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Organicity is the extent to which the organization's overall form can be characterized as organic or mechanistic.
His "conception" of maternity presents a unique blending of a Renaissance interest in the immortalizing potential of poetic parthenogenesis, a Romantic fascination with the organicity of procreation and childbirth, and a Victorian partiality to the morbid aesthetics of death and maternity, fueled by a deeply personal drive to push the metaphor to its outermost limits.
98) The essayist reminds us that in spite of all theories about fragment (ranging from the romantic aesthetics of the fragment to Nietzschean disdain for unity and totality) it is impossible to avoid the fact that Pessoa faced his fragmentary writing with undisguised anguish and that he strived for unity, for closed works, for organicity, as some (strangely neo-Aristotelian) propositions clearly show: 'todas as cousas tem um principio, um meio e um fim' [everything has a beginning, a middle and an end'].
Pseudo-MS has been previously described in a case series of six patients where the author of the report concluded none of the cases seem probable from laboratory tests or clinical observation, primarily because the clinical history and physical findings were inconsistent with organicity and because no laboratory data were confirmatory.
Moreover, Ed himself constantly threatens to depart from his self-imposed vow of silence, as when he shares with Frank his strange epiphany about the organicity of hair and when he amusingly digresses on the particulars of popular haircuts (which are themselves tempting and complex intertexts).
Further, Howarth bases his central reading strategy on an intelligent principle, one which not only points to the virtues of some unfairly neglected writers, but which suggests as well that the high moderns could have been a little more nuanced in their own self-justifications: "Language is not language unless it is to some degree formulated, and the concepts of accuracy, sincerity and organicity are meaningless without the threat of some kind of formula" (40).
The dynamic organicity of the historical world surely required a flexible aesthetic form.
Cognitive function and dementia in six areas of England and Wales: the distribution of MMSE and prevalence of GMS organicity level in the MRC CFA Study.
Their organizations invest in human resources and favor decentralization, organicity, and decentralization (Heller, 1994).