organized group

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WASHINGTON, Rajab 16, 1432 H / June 18, 2011, SPA -- Even before a loosely organized group of hackers broke into the CIA's and Senate's public websites, the White House asked for stiffer sentences for breaking into government and private computer networks, according to Reuters.
But after an organized group of Ward 3 residents bombarded the lawmakers with letters and e-mails stating their opposition to the plan, sponsors of the bill agreed to amend the legislation to specifically prohibit ever building a bridge and roadway through that neighborhood.
Hollywood Walks organized group walking program, 12:15 p.
The Malcontents are not an organized group (they are several), but they have the usual gripes in common--the "Fad Four:" contraception, abortion, homosexuality, and women's ordination.
A political party is an organized group of citizens who hold similar ideas on public issues.
The discursive characterization of thieves as an organized group gradually became true, as alleged criminals shared information and learned to navigate the justice system while serving rime.
On being unaffiliated with an organized group, she said NGOs lack the ability to take decisive actions.
There are hardly any countries left today that don't have an organized group of gays or lesbians.
Has a large minority voting interest in the election of a corporation's governing body and no other party or organized group of parties has a significant voting interest.
The proposed amendment (not to be confused with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the widely supported bipartisan law ruled unconstitutional on technical grounds by the Supreme Court in June 1997) would authorize organized group religious devotions in public school classrooms, at graduation ceremonies, and at other public venues and is intended to authorize tax support for sectarian private schools and other institutions.
The newly organized group at the Denver terminal hauls petroleum products to Conoco service stations in the Front Range area.
The only information Jone has as to the killer's identity is the memory of a tattoo-covered man who is part of an organized group of cattle rustlers.

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