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As Immanuel Kant, a famous philosopher said, "Science is organized knowledge.
Our community does not seem to engage routinely in organized knowledge red teaming.
With tibbr, we now have a space for continuous and organized knowledge sharing, and more immediate and easy access to information and documents, creating a culture transparency that wasn't possible before.
Free Web-Based Feed Reader Funnels Feeds Into an Organized Knowledge and Productivity Tool
This learning theory views organized knowledge as an elaborate network or storage system of abstract mental structures that represent an individual's understanding of concepts related to experiences and knowledge.
It is based on connections of particular transformations (operations) that lead to a demanded change of an operand input status on a required output status and pursuant to a system of theoretical and practical, however according to the theory of organized knowledge that are the background of this methodology.
The role of global village`s organized information systems, organized knowledge management and information systems, information systems and improving working procedures of organizations and various electronic services form electronic trade to electronic citizen will be discussed at the conference.
When learners process working memory into a grouped and organized knowledge structures, it is then stored into long-term memory.
Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences is devoted to the International advancement of organized knowledge on all aspect of Science.
From time to time I have heard professors describe their role as "facilitator"--to ask the right questions so that, somehow, knowledge comes forth from students who had no organized knowledge of the field when they arrived.
This is because, as a body of organized knowledge, science is primarily a cognitive activity and as such its real nature can be dealt with only in the epistemology of science.
Their work forms the basis of creating organized knowledge, documenting it in writing and using it for teaching.

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