organized labor

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And it had some success in some places too, but the real problem isn't the people who fit in well, which generally the people in organized labor do with our present system.
When Patrick speaks of "labor,'' he means only organized labor, and not the vast majority of working men and women who choose to not belong to a union.
Spinola said he and his members realize that organized labor should come at a premium because union workers and the managing subcontractors that employ them typically have superior expertise compared to their non-union counterparts.
I can begin to imagine a progressive coalition that doesn't have organized labor, as we know it, at its core.
Engage organized labor interests in your community in discussions about improving service, as well as bidding for future business.
For one thing, there is the issue of organized labor.
As a result, Iraq has been significantly deprived of the movement perhaps most willing and best equipped to nurture along a nascent national democracy in a religiously and ethnically divided country: organized labor.
From the factors that have promoted the domination of corporate influence, to how that influence has pressured governments to privatize public services, deregulate industry, and remove social and environmental protections, to the roughshod treatment of small business, organized labor, and individual citizens, and much more, Europe Inc.
The purpose of this paper is to examine how well informed business students are about organized labor and present suggestions for action.
Kerry's full embrace of Clintonomics doesn't always sit well with the two other big influences in the Democrat's campaign--Senator Ted Kennedy, who came to Senator Kerry's rescue in the primaries, and organized labor, which will provide him with foot soldiers during the long year ahead.
The Safety Advancement for Employees (SAFE) Act, which the senator originally introduced during the 105th Congress, will be reintroduced even though it faces strong opposition from organized labor groups as well as industry groups.
As a member of organized labor, the labor unions have been very active in the pursuit of legislation much like the Healthy Forests Restoration Act.

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