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The Organon put Hahnemann at odds with the medical establishment in Europe, as homeopathy (unlike other alternative medical systems in use at that time) cannot be practiced in tandem with allopathic medicine.
Our new alliance with Pharmacopeia provides Organon with access to industry-leading small molecule discovery capability, and with Pharmacopeia's evolution into a therapeutic products business, enables Organon to continue to build its clinical pipeline with a valued, long-term partner.
The patent situation, or rather the way in which Organon management dealt with it, has been a decisive factor in the success of the EIA/ELISA technology.
As a result of the West Orange manufacturing facility closure, Organon relocated certain positions to its Roseland, NJ campus and deemed the property surplus.
Organon, which sponsored the OPAL study, hopes to submit a new drug application to the Food and Drug Administration within 2 years.
van Nispen is responsible for coordinating the world-wide IT projects of Organon in the Pharmaceutical Operations sector.
Wyeth is involved through its production of Minulet in 1988 and TriMinulet in 1992, while Organon Laboratories faces claims over its products of Marvelon, in 1981, and Mercilon, in 1989.
Organon is working on developing a male hormone-based contraceptive.
A key product for Organon and its partner in antithrombotics, Sanofi Synthelabo, is the innovative antithrombotic Arixtra(R), for which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an approvable letter in mid-August 2001 for introduction on the U.
has announced that its pharmaceutical partner, Organon, has received its first European marketing approval for Remeron(R) SolTab(TM) from the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board.
The contraceptive could be on the market by 2005, according to its Dutch-based makers Organon.
The season produced three world premieres: Christopher Wheeldon's Polyphonia on January 4, Eliot Feld's Organon on January 23, and Peter Martins's Burleske on February 14.