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While results supported the stronger influence of significant others as predictors of USP beliefs, they also demonstrated that the relationship between ego orientation and intention to use USP and between group acceptance orientation and intention to use USP varied depending upon the perceived beliefs of significant others.
Surprisingly, it has been recorded that most employees don't get an orientation program at all.
Representative WAXS patterns exhibit anisotropy arising from molecular orientation induced during injection molding processing (see Fig.
Consideration of the learning needs, technology skills, work schedules, and students' distance from the main campus were critical factors in developing the orientation program for newly admitted RN-BSN students.
Because of this and as the orientation of fibres is 3D, the orientation number does not allow making any statement about the orientation with respect to an axis perpendicular to the cross-section normal.
The market orientation construct has been developed, defined and measured to operationalize the implementation of the marketing concept.
This study is an extension of previous research study, which indicated, in part, statistically significant positive correlations and statistically significant regression models demonstrating a positive causal impact of market orientation on overall performance of the business school in the case of students, parents, and employers of graduates.
He proclaims that the ban on public display of sexual orientation does not violate the rights of opinion, self-expression and protest, for public display of sexual orientation is not an exercise of them, but rather constitutes "manifest debauchery.
The First Connection Pre-Orientation Program takes place a week before orientation and facilitates the transition for traditionally underrepresented and/or underserved students, including first-generation students.
We evaluated commercially available orientation sensors that incorporate accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers (XSens).
Applying the capabilities perspective to this study, we propose that supply chain orientation is a capability created by combining tangible resources such as integrated Information and Knowledge Management Systems between supply chain partners to maximize chain efficiency and knowledge-sharing activities, with intangible resources such as firm cultures and value systems organized around establishing win-win relationships with firm buyers and suppliers, knowledge sharing and creating relationships across the chain, and sharing of best practices within the chain.
For instance, cellulose whiskers are made of a patchwork of small cells with a given orientation (cf.