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4, country of origin has relationship with consumer willingness because the P-Value = .
On 26 March 2016, Origin indicated it was prepared to continue to move forward only on the basis of the terms set forth in its 22 March 2016 proposal, which contemplated a reverse termination fee of USD100m, representing the maximum amount of recovery available to Affymetrix if Origin were unable to obtain financing.
Dragon Age Origins" is playable on Windows PC based on the details posted at Origin Web site.
Stakeholders who back the proposal insist on the fact that origin marking is mandatory in other countries.
form of origin labelling, with 67 percent providing information on the origin of the meat ingredient, and 15 percent only listing where the product was manufactured.
In the descent to the natural world as opposed to the descent in the natural world, the object of descent remains in the presence (mandar) and under the dominion of the origin of descent.
Therefore, it would not be correct to draw consequences that might implicate science, or respect for the doctrine of the origin of the universe, or about the biological origin of man.
Anyone optimistic that reason can overcome irrationality will be hopeful that Dershowitz's theory of the origin of rights will have what Dawkins would call "survival value.
SGI Origin 300 includes the revolutionary SGI NUMAflex shared-memory architecture for high-productivity computing (HPC) and complements the SGI technology already in use in Sikorsky's Advanced Design Infrastructure group to maintain a next-generation, transparent heterogeneous computing environment.
Unfair and inaccurate stereotyping can make victims of all who share the same race, religion, ethnicity or national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.
Upon completion of the expenditure, Citadel will have an option to enter into a joint venture with Tri Origin to further develop the property.